Mohair Pool

Mohair Pool

Currently there are no plans for a trip to Texas in 2018


Member responsibilities:
1. Store the mohair properly so that it stays clean and free from mold, moths and excessive vegetation matter.
2. Sort mohair by grade: kid, adult (yearling goes with adult,) or stained/tags. Keep colored mohair separate, it brings less money (often the stained price) and will lower the price if mixed in with white.
3. Pack mohair in large burlap mohair bags. Burlap bags 17×28 can be purchased from most Tractor Supply stores.  (Plastic bags are greatly discouraged. If burlap is not available, the warehouse will transfer to burlap for a fee of $6 per burlap bag.)
4. Label each bag with your name, address, phone #, grade of mohair, and specify if it is colored mohair.
5. Have 3 copies of a list of mohair being transported. Include your name and address, # of bags, weight and grade in each bag, and overall weight of mohair.
5. Bring your mohair to a collection site.
6. Pay the transport fee of 50 cents per pound.

The Mohair Warehouse usually weighs each member’s mohair separately, then send totals and checks individually to members. If the member wants, the Warehouse will grade mohair for 17 cents/pound and then guarantees prices for that grade.

2017 prices per pound (subject to change):
Adult: $4.50
Fine Adult: $5.95
Young: $6.50
Kid: $7.00
Stain: $2.25

2014 Mohair Pool:

EAGMA had a very successful mohair pool and transport in 2014. Ten members participated. An amazing 3500 pounds of mohair was collected. The mohair was transported from Pennsylvania to a Texas mohair warehouse by EAGMA president Greta Dise and her husband, Bob.

EAGMA typically holds a Mohair Pool and Transport event bi-annually. All EAGMA members may participate. Transport to Texas is usually done by a member that volunteers their time and vehicle. A few collection sites are set up in the months preceding the pool where members can drop off their mohair.

Mohair is packed in large canvas bags for the warehouse. Warehouse:

Priour-Varga Wool & Mohair, Inc
Contact: Steve Haynes
300 Main St, P.O. Box 224
Rocksprings,TX 78880
Phone: 830-683-3194
Fax: 830-683-3199