Show Sponsors

A Big Thank You to Our 2015 Class Sponsors!

ACAGR – American Colored Angora Goat Registry is sponsoring 4 group classes in the Colored Angora Show:

  1. Breeder’s Flock (3 goats produced by one breeder)
  2. Dam and Daughter
  3. Get of Sire (3 goats from the same sire)
  4. Pair of Doe Kids

Giant Cricket Farm Colleen Reed
1. Colored Angora Yearling Doe

Higher Ground Farm – Eric Stewart
1. Colored Angora Yearling Buck

Hill & Dale Farm – Nina Cooper
1. Colored Angora Doe Kid – 2nd clip
2. Red Card Bucks
3. Red Card Does
4. White Angora Doe Kid – 1st clip

Kid Hollow Farm – Pat Harder
1. Colored Angora Adult Buck
2. Colored Angora Aged Doe

MacGregor Hollow Farm – Melanie Pitts
1. Colored Angora Buck Kid – 2nd clip
2. Colored Angora Adult Doe

Persimmon Tree Farm – Greta Dise
1. Colored Angora Buck Kid – 1st clip
2. Colored Angora Doe Kid – 1st clip

Tintagel Farm – Leslie and Ron Orndorff
1. White Angora Buck Kid – 1st clip